Our 24 Hour Plumbers Answer Frequently Asked Faucet Repair Questions

October 7, 2014

Our 24 Hour Plumbers Answer Faucet Repair FAQSometimes it may feel like being a homeowner isn’t all it’s cracked up to be – especially when faced with an unexpected plumbing problem.

To ease your stress and bring back your new-home excitement, the AAA AUGER 24 hour plumbers are happy to answer some of your most frequently asked questions about faucet repair.

Why would water be dripping out of my bathroom tub faucet?

If your spout has a diverter, a few drops of water can be normal. However, if your tub faucet is dripping all day, it’s most likely a leaky washer.

The hose attachment on my showerhead is spraying water. How do I stop the water from spraying?

Most showerheads contain a rubber gasket inside the connecting nut. If this gasket is damaged or moves within the showerhead arm, the connection is not sealed properly.

For this shower faucet repair, you’ll need to remove the gasket and reinsert it, making sure it’s in the proper place.

My faucet aerators have a white substance on them. How do I get rid of this?

The buildup around your faucet is likely mineral deposits. Fortunately, cleanup is easy! Simply fill a plastic bag with vinegar and secure the bag over the faucet aerator.

You can use a rubber band or twist-tie to keep the bag in place. Leave the faucet soaking in the bag overnight, then gently scrub off the mineral deposits in the morning.

Owning your own home isn’t always easy, but you’re in good hands with our 24-hour plumbers! From leaky plumbing to complete faucet repair, our plumbers will get you taken care of. To schedule an appointment, call 877.999.1979 today.


Photo Credit: Gabriel Rocha