Darrell Silcox

Darrell Silcox
  • Position: Master Plumber
  • Branch: Austin
  • Date Hired: 5/2/2011
  • License Number: M-40001

At AAA AUGER Austin, our plumbers are the best of the best. We’re fortunate to employ only reliable, professional and incredibly skilled individuals. Today, we’d like to highlight one of our Austin emergency plumbers: Darrell Silcox.austin plumber employee spotlight

Darrell Silcox has been in the plumbing trade for over 30 years. AAA AUGER Austin is honored to have such an experienced plumbing professional on our staff.

When asked what he loves most about AAA AUGER and the plumbing industry, Darrell told us he enjoys interacting with customers and solving their plumbing issues.

He also loves working with younger plumbers and apprentices to increase their education and help them become better plumbers.

A Bit About Darrell

Originally from Florida, Darrell has lived in Texas for over four years. Darrell and his wife have been together for over 32 years, and together have four children and nine grandchildren.

When he’s not working, Darrell spends time with his grandchildren, family and friends. He also enjoys cooking and experimenting on the grill. Most of all, Darrell loves football season – he’s often seen sporting Gators or Dolphins gear.