Shannon Zuniga

Shannon Zuniga
  • Position: Business Manager
  • Branch: Austin
  • Date Hired: 5/08/2012
  • License Number: A-94100

Shannon Zuniga is the perfect example of how perseverance and hard work yield success. Hired in May of 2012 as a Service Writer, Shannon quickly affected the quality of her shop with her devotion to customer service and her friendly manner. She became quickly proficient at her job duties and within a year’s time, had learned and assumed all of the duties of the Office Manager. In June of 2013, she was officially promoted to Office Manager.

Her term as Office Manager was fairly brief. Although she had proven herself and was already the driving engine to her branch’s success, an untimely accident opened up the Business Manager position. In March of 2014, Shannon accepted the position and has been strengthening her team ever since.

When Shannon was asked to what she attributes her success, she replied, “I have worked in every position in the office as well as an apprentice shoveling dirt.” Her success is not limited to AAA AUGER. She has joined several organizations and has recently been elected to serve on the board at the Northwest YMCA.

When asked about what she most liked about working for AAA AUGER Plumbing Services, she responded, “I love working at AAA AUGER because we are a family corporation, we help people with their issues in a professional, positive, cost efficient way, without neglecting the safety of our employees or our customers.”

Shannon was raised in Oklahoma and moved to Texas in the 1990’s. Prior to joining AAA AUGER, Shannon owned and operated a daycare center for six years. Always looking to improve, she is often enrolled in various college courses.

Shannon has four beautiful children, two crazy dogs, a couple of tortoises and a strong family bond. She loves traveling and enjoys any outdoor activities.

We are fortunate to have Shannon on our team and look forward to many more successful years with her!