Tankless Water Heaters 101 with San Antonio Plumbing Company

Water Closet

August 20, 2009

Water Closet is the technical term for a toilet.


August 20, 2009

The commonly used, although mistakenly, term for Dissimilar Metal Corrosion.

Slab Leak Information

August 20, 2009

AAA AUGER believes in offering our customers the most viable repair options together with sound advice. With regard to potable water slab leaks, AAA AUGER recommends rerouting the leaking line rather than attempting to repair it. Assuming code was followed correctly, it is probable the leak has been caused by one of the following :… Continue reading Slab Leak Information

Water Conservation

August 18, 2009

Fresh water is a luxury that most of us take for granted despite it being our most important resource. It may be hard to believe, but in some countries, there are those who have never seen fresh water flowing from a faucet. Some of whom, as part of their daily routine, must walk miles to… Continue reading Water Conservation

Ball Valves versus Gate Valves

August 15, 2009

When faced with an emergency, time is often of the essence. Ball valves have proven to be much more dependable and longer lasting. Most plumbers have learned to distrust gate valves because repeated use tends to wear them out. Also, it is not uncommon for a gate valve to simply become frozen or fused in… Continue reading Ball Valves versus Gate Valves

Toilet Stoppage

August 15, 2009

A stopped up or overflowing toilet is certainly inconvenient. Worse, an overflowing toilet can cause property damage or create an unsanitary environment. Sometimes toilets, when flushed, drain slowly. In either situation, it is important to determine the source of the problem. Because all drains tie into the sewer, if backed up, other drains will cease… Continue reading Toilet Stoppage

Carbon Filtration

August 15, 2009

Have you ever purchased a bottle of water? Chances are that you could have purchased the same amount of gasoline for less. For the last several years, there has been significant debate regarding the safety of bottled water. Specifically, some claim that tap water may be safer for consumption. With carbon filtration systems, you can… Continue reading Carbon Filtration

Garbage Disposal Tips

August 15, 2009

The garbage disposal has become very popular in the United States. In new homes, it is a standard amenity. When used properly, the garbage disposal can provide years of service. Help! My Garbage Disposal STINKS! Garbage disposals and kitchen sinks are havens for bacteria causing odors. Some have speculated that the kitchen sink hosts more… Continue reading Garbage Disposal Tips

Grease, Oil & Food Scraps

August 14, 2009

AAA AUGER discourages grease or cooking oils from being poured down kitchen sink drains or any other drain. Habitual abuse will inhibit or prevent drainage. Furthermore, animal fat, potato peels and pasta are notorious for stopping up kitchen drains and are better placed in trash receptacles rather than garbage disposals.

Chemical Additives

August 14, 2009

AAA AUGER discourages detergents, acids or root deterrents in plumbing systems. Many of these additives contain hazardous chemicals that could ultimately end up in our fresh water sources. Furthermore, many of these chemicals are caustic to pipe and may hasten its deterioration.