4 Environmentally Friendly Updates for Your Plumbing in Austin

December 18, 2015

Austin residents are no strangers to caring about the environment and neither are the plumbers at AAA AUGER. We all want to minimize our carbon footprint and be environmentally sensitive. We know that even the smallest change, whether it’s good or bad, can have a massive impact over a long period of time.

Today, our green plumbers in Austin want to share a few plumbing updates you can make to help reduce not only your carbon footprint, but also your water bill.

407_austin environmentUpdate Your Water Pipes

Pipes that are the right size and made out of the proper materials can greatly improve your water pressure and minimize any leakage or waste. Steel and PEX pipes are durable and retain heat very well. However, if you have plastic or copper pipes and don’t want to completely replace your plumbing, you can simply add pipe insulators. The insulation is relatively cheap and can reduce heat loss by 80%. Having insulated pipes saves you money and energy.

Update Your Toilets

A huge culprit when it comes to water wastage can be a toilet. They’ll use the same amount of water to flush different amounts of waste. However, you can purchase a green toilet which uses 20% to 60% less energy. There are also dual flush toilets that allow you to decide how much water is used for a flush. There are different energy efficient toilets that can save energy and helps you cut down your family’s water consumption significantly.

Update Your Faucets

The nice thing about faucets is that they can supply a constant stream of water – but that’s also their biggest downfall. If the faucet is left on, the water will just continue to run. One of the ways you can cut back on how much water is used is to install an aerator. They’re cheap, easy to install and can help to reduce water waste.

Update Your Showerheads

We all love taking a long, hot shower, but we hate knowing how much water we’re wasting when we do it. Fortunately, you can purchase a water-efficient showerhead without forgoing water pressure. Many of these water-saving showerheads can reduce water flow up to 1.75 GPM (Gallons Per Minute) compared to the standard flow of 2.5 GPM. Going green doesn’t have to mean big sacrifices!

These are just a few of the areas in your Austin home that you should keep in mind when you’re looking to go green with your plumbing. If ever you have any questions or issues on your journey to become eco-friendly, don’t hesitate to call our expert plumbers in Austin for an appointment.


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