3 Indications Your Home May be Vulnerable to a Slab Leak

December 1, 2015

Have you started noticing damp spots on your carpet, low water pressure or a higher utility bill? These are all the signs of a potential slab leak. A “slab leak” is plumber jargon for when the pipes inside or underneath your house’s foundation begin to leak.

These leaks may not seem like a big deal at first, but over time they can do a lot of damage to both your house and your bank account. Slab leaks can cause the soil under your home to become very saturated and can lead to your house becoming uneven or slowly sinking into the ground.

Fortunately, our emergency plumbers are experienced in all types of leak detection. Here are three things that could cause a slab leak in your home.

slab leak1. Improper Construction

Improperly installed or low quality pipes are the most common causes of slab leaks. If any of your pipes were bent, dented or kinked in any way during the installation process, these imperfections can attract corrosive chemicals and mineral deposits. Prolonged build-up can cause the pipes to burst, resulting in a slab leak.

2. High Water Pressure

High water pressure may be great when you’re in the shower, but if your water pressure is too high it can degrade your pipes. The areas especially vulnerable are where the pipes curve or at their joints. This kind of degradation can cause massive problems if it turns into a leak. Leaks can severely threaten the stability of your home’s foundation and your family’s safety.

3. Pipe Abrasion

Pipe abrasion can also be a side effect of improper construction. If pipes regularly rub up against concrete, gravel or other pipes, the constant friction can cause the pipes to gradually wear down and ultimately spring a leak – or worse, burst. Hiring the right construction crew is essential, and having your pipes inspected by a professional plumber after construction is finished can save you money in the long run.

These are just a few of the different reasons your home could develop a leak in the foundation. Slab leaks aren’t your everyday dripping faucet – they can cause serious damage if they aren’t taken care of immediately.

If you think you may have a slab leak, call our expert plumbers to schedule leak detection service today. We’ll help keep you and your family safe and healthy!



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