Shutting Off Your Water Supply

June 14, 2009

Before addressing any problem within the water or drainage system, the water supply should be shut off to avoid any flooding or subsequent water damage. Most plumbing fixtures utilize a water shut off valve or “stop”. Many plumbers refer to them as “emergency shut off valves” because they are most commonly used to prevent further leakage from a fixture or to prevent the water from overflowing from a toilet.

See Ball Valves versus Gate Valves for more information on stops.

Turning the Water Off at the Water Meter

Should a shut off prove to be faulty, the water supply should be shut off at the meter (assuming the water meter cut-off is working properly). Sometimes specific tools are needed to open the meter box and/or to turn the cut off. AAA AUGER highly recommends that every family member be familiar with the location of the water meter, the location of any special tools that may be needed, and how to shut the water off.

Getting Help

AAA AUGER is available around the clock to address your plumbing needs. We will always respond quickly to any emergency that you may have. When faced with a property damaging emergency, we understand that your first concern is to protect yourself, your family and your property. If we are unable to dispatch a plumber to your home immediately, we will contact your utility provider and request their emergency response on your behalf. If unfamiliar with the emergency phone number for your water district, please do not hesitate to contact us for that information.