Does Your Kitchen or Bathroom Need Drain Cleaning Service?

November 17, 2015

It’s always best to make sure your house looks presentable, especially when you have family coming over for the holidays. We know you’ve been working overtime to make sure everything is dusted, swept, mopped and virtually spotless. One thing you might be overlooking is whether or not you need to clean your drains as well!

The two rooms that are under the most stress during the holidays are the kitchen and bathroom. Our professional plumbers know how important it is that everything run smoothly. That’s why our experts are going to give you some tips on getting your drains clean – and keeping them that way.

Kitchen drain cleaning

Whether it’s washing food off your hands or down the garbage disposal, your drain can become clogged or backed up rather quickly. With the chaos that happens during the Thanksgiving meal prep, it may seem easier to throw some of the food waste down the disposal. However, this can cause problems for your plumbing.
drain cleaning
Here are some foods you should never throw down the drain:
– Fat/Grease
– Bones/Large Pits
– Onion Skins
– Coffee Grounds
– Egg Shells
– Potato and Carrot Skin Peelings
– Anything in Large Amounts

When these items are put down the drain, they can break the garbage disposal. This can then cause your drains to become clogged. There are a few ways that you can clean out small deposits of these items from your kitchen’s drain, but for the best results call your Go-To Guys at AAA AUGER for a professional drain cleaning.

Bathroom drain cleaning

From hair and soap scum in your sink and shower to kids’ toys and car keys in your toilet, just about anything can cause a drain in your bathroom clog. While drain cleaner or a plunger may work in some circumstances, sometimes they’re just not enough.

That’s why we’re here! If your toilet is clogged or your bathroom drains refuse to function, call our licensed plumbers to clear out the blockage. Don’t let a clog sit for too long – it can cause more serious damage to your pipes down the road.

We know you don’t want holiday humbugs because of clogged drains. If you’re ready to clean your drains before the holidays, call our drain cleaning plumbers at 877.999.1979, or make an appointment online.

One of our 24 hour emergency plumbers will come out the same day to make sure you’re taking care of. As an added bonus, we never charge extra for work on nights, weekends, holidays. Emergencies happen, but we’re here to help.


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