The Value of Hiring Professional Plumbers vs DIY Plumbing Repair

December 22, 2015

Many homeowners believe fixing a plumbing issue is cheaper and easier than hiring professional plumbers, but most of the time this isn’t true. While a leaky pipe under your sink may fixed with just the twist of a wrench, sometimes that leak could be much more of a headache than you originally thought.

You may be able to handle what seems to be a “simple” DIY plumbing repair, but there are a few factors you should take into consideration first. Today, our licensed plumbers in Houston will explain the value of hiring a plumbing professional rather than trying to go at it alone.

professional plumbersNot Knowing All the Safety Guidelines

Most homeowners who choose to perform their own plumbing repairs often don’t know the proper safety guidelines or, even worse, they ignore them as “unimportant”. If you plan on performing a plumbing job yourself, follow the following safety guidelines for plumbing repair:

  • If working near a power source, turn off the electricity
  • Turn off or disconnect the water supply before starting your plumbing job
  • Use protective eyewear
  • Use protective ear wear when using loud power tools, especially in a confined space
  • Wear gloves and other protective clothing if there’s a chance of being exposed to scolding water
  • Keep emergency numbers handy, just in case

Our experienced plumbers in Houston don’t recommend fixing your plumbing alone because we value your safety. If you do choose to follow DIY plumbing repair instructions, please keep these safety rules in mind.

The Value of Your Time

When considering a DIY plumbing repair, consider all the time and money that will be spent in the research process and in buying the necessary supplies. When all is said and done, it’s often cheaper and safer to hire a professional plumber.

Maintaining the Integrity of Your Warranty

Some Houston homes will come with a warranty that’s honored by the builders as long as a licensed professional performs all repairs and upgrades on your plumbing. If you do it yourself, or even have someone else do so without the proper certifications, your home’s warranty could be forfeited. Even if you do save money from doing the job yourself, you may lose more in the end from the lost value of the warranty.

Our Houston plumbers know your time is valuable, which is why our time is dedicated to taking care of the things you can’t. With our professional services, you’ll save time, money and possibly your home. Next time you have a plumbing issue and want to play it safe, call our expert plumbers in Houston so you can spend your valuable time with the ones you love.


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