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It’s no secret that more and more homeowners are buying older homes. Our 24 hour plumber in Dallas loves a good project, but there are a few things that you must watch out for when purchasing a fixer upper. We have already talked about the problems that can arise from galvanized pipe, but another problem area in old homes can be the sewer line.

Old sewer lines are generally made from clay, cast iron or plastic. The downside to clay is its vulnerability to root invasion. In the past, when trees were planted, it may not have mattered where they were planted or which type of trees were used. However, as these trees matured, their roots have grown and they may have found a quick water source — a tiny crack in your clay sewer line.

The main con with cast iron piping is corrosion. This can cause splits in the pipe as time passes and invasive tree roots can also find these trouble spots and invade the line. If you have plastic piping, the same dangers can occur. Popular in the 1980s, plastic piping can be crushed by force from mature tree roots searching for water.

Generally these three types of sewer lines can be replaced by one of two methods. Both have the added benefit of only affecting the space below the ground. This means that there is no damage to your concrete or landscaping.


1) A liner is pulled inside the pipe and inflated. This creates space for the new piping to be installed.

2) Pipe bursting requires a new pipe being pulled through the older one. This results in the old pipe busting as it goes through.


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