Celebrities give everyone a lot to talk about, but we’re more interested in their bathrooms. Their incredible, and sometimes strange, bathrooms. Below are a few of our favorite strange fixtures found in celebrities’ bathrooms.

Dick Clark’s Flinstone Bathroom: 

celebrities bathrooms

We all loved the Flinstone’s cartoon, but living in a home modeled after the popular series? Your fixture choices would be so limited.

Beyonce’s Bling Bathtub: 


celebrities bathroom beyonce tub

Even plumbers get it, many women love sparkles. However, sometimes you just have to be practical. How could you possibly keep this “blinged-out” bathtub sparkling clean?

Drake’s Experience Shower: 

celebrities bathroom Drake shower

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy an LED light show in the shower? The impressive shower features 10 jets, an overhead waterfall, a TV screen and numerous scents that spray onto the bather.

Kanye West’s Fish Tank Bathtub: 

celebrities bathroom Kanye Bathtub

At first glance, this interesting fixture seems to be over the top. However, we think that admiring slow-moving fish could be a relaxing alternative to reading your favorite novel after a long day!

We’ve seen our share of strange things, but nothing beats the strange fixtures featured in these celebrities’ bathrooms. Would you purchase any of these items to go in your bathroom?


Photo Credit: Complex