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The tap water versus bottled water debate rages on at AAA AUGER Plumber in Austin. So, AAA AUGER Plumber in Austin decided to dig a little deeper and do some research to settle the arguments.

Here’s what we found: bottled water isn’t always better! Simply using a water purifier on your normal tap faucet has just the same effect at a fraction of the cost.

So, here are AAA AUGER Plumber in Austin’s top three reasons we’re making the switch to tap water and ditching the bottle.

1) Cost

Bottled water usually costs anywhere from $1 to $3, and sometimes even more than that! This cost can be slashed simply by investing in a water purifier for your kitchen faucet and a reusable bottle.

2) Environmental Impact

Plastic bottles don’t decompose well. With so many bottles making their way to the dump, the negative environmental impact is huge. In addition, the chemicals, oil and gas used to make the bottles and transport them to our grocery stores is a waste of energy and precious resources.

3) Quality

Bottled-water manufacturers claim that their water is of a higher quality than your tap water; however, AAA AUGER Plumber in Austin found that often times that bottled water is simply everyday tap water that has been filtered. Again, you get the same quality and taste by simply investing in a filter for your faucet! Check out more reasons to stop drinking bottled water here.

So, there you have it. AAA AUGER Plumber in Austin is making the switch, will you ditch the bottle?

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