AAA AUGER Plumbers Receive Thank You Letter

Thank You

AAA AUGER Plumbers Supply promises the highest quality service to our customers every day. We love hearing from our customers that we continually deliver on this promise!

AAA AUGER Plumbers Supply recently received this letter from one of our satisfied customers in Tulsa, Okla.

To Whom It May Concern:

I recently called AAA AUGER Plumbers Supply to have my bathtub faucets replaced. Brandi took my call. She was so professional and conscientious. She called and told me when the plumber, Scott, would be coming out and kept me updated on when he would be there. 

Scott and Logan came out on Saturday to see what could be done at that time. Scott told me exactly what would have to be done and the total amount that would be charged. Both Scott and Logan were very professional. Scott put a washer temporarily to get the running water stopped. He scheduled to come out Tuesday morning. It was so nice not having any ‘surprise’ charges. Scott did an excellent job. He had to cut through a bedroom wall to get to the problem. My neighbor, who was there while I was at work, told me Scott did a good job putting the piece back in the wall. 

I just wanted you to know what a wonderful, professional and conscientious crew you have working for you. Brandi even did a follow up call to check to see how things went.

In a time when most companies don’t care about their customers, the quality of service that you give means so much. I have recommended, and will in the future recommend, AAA AUGER Plumbers Supply to my friends and family. 

Thank you so much for a pleasant experience.



We’re so glad you had an excellent experience with our AAA AUGER Plumbers Supply service technicians, Sharon!

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