Very few plants make it through the dry and unforgivable Texas summer. With water restrictions and little rain, most plant life dies early in the season. However, our Austin plumber found an easy way to keep your plants alive, while also saving money and water with a rain collection system! See how easy it is to make below:


What You Need:

– Large plastic garbage can, or plastic barrel
– Paint strainer
– 5-gallon bucket
– Jigsaw
– Drill
– Spigot
– Gutter fittings and extensions
– Cinderblocks



First, drill a hole in the side of the barrel for the spigot. We suggest positioning it approximately two inches from the bottom to ensure that there is enough room for you to place a watering can underneath. After this has been done, screw in the spigot.
Austin plumber rain collection system

Next, ensure that mosquitoes and big debris cannot reach the water by taking the bucket and measuring about six inches down from the rim. Proceed to use the jigsaw to cut the bottom off at this point. Then place the remaining piece of the bucket on top of the barrel and begin the trace around it, then cut. This hole should be big enough to fit the bucket inside.

Then, after the bucket is securely in the top of the barrel, use a watertight seal or plumbers tape to keep anything from coming in or out of the barrel’s water supply. Next, tie and secure the paint strainer fabric to the top of the bucket to create a barrier.

After this is completed, prop the barrel on top of the cinderblocks to ensure you’re able to get a watering can under the spout. Take extra care to ensure that the barrel is even and the blocks are stable. Next, connect the gutter to the device using a gutter extension. Your local hardware store will have a variety of extension and fitting options, depending on how far from the barrel is from the gutter.  

Finally, wait for rain and begin using a watering can to water your lawn and plants without spending a penny!

rain collection system

For more tips and tricks on how to create the perfect rain barrel, follow this great guide from HGTV! How do you plan to save water this season?

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Photo Credit: WikiHow & HGTV