Working in the Austin Texas plumbing business, we get to look inside some great bathrooms and we always enjoy keeping a pulse on the hottest bathroom designs. We wanted to share our top celebrity bathrooms and give our customers some practical tips to create a bathroom that’s celebrity worthy in any space.

1. Kerri Russell’s Clawfoot Tub

Austin plumber top celebrity bathrooms

The key piece in this great bathroom is, of course, the clawfoot bathtub. The natural light in this bathroom actually makes the space as well. Even if you don’t have the incredible wall of windows in your home, you can strategically place mirrors to reflect the light and carry it throughout the room.

2. Joey Lawrence’s Tiles

AAA AUGER top celebrity bathroom

You can tell that this restroom belongs to someone who likes to relax. The beams in the ceiling also give this luxurious bathroom a rustic, masculine feel. To translate this look to your home, focus on the details. Purchase detailed tiles and scatter them in the floor or line your vanity’s table top with them.

3. Julianne Moore’s Statement Tub

Austin Plumber celebrity bathroom

Here we see that a bathtub can actually make the bathroom. The modern square shape of this bathtub gives a great juxtaposition to the warm and inviting color scheme of the dark wood around it. Create this in your space by getting a tub in an unusual color and shape, then pair it with deep colored floors and cabinets. Don’t forget to keep the rest simple to truly bring all the attention to the tub.

4. Phil Mickelson’s Intricate Tiling

AAA AUGER top five bathrooms

This professional golfer’s paradise has too many great details to love! The marble floors and elaborate shower tiling give it a lavish touch. While the dark wood cabinets and frames, along with the incredible wall pieces, give it a look of warmth and comfort. We think the enclosed shower and bathtub actually make this space stand out as well. Who wouldn’t love to come home to this after a long day?

5. Anthony Edwards & Jeanine Lobell’s Wallpaper

Austin plumber's favorite celebrity bathrooms

You don’t have to have a celebrity’s spacious floor plan to enjoy a luxurious bathroom. Take a tip from Anthony Edwards & Jeanine Lobell and focus on one space. Take any small area in your bathroom and cover it with a lavish wallpaper. Pick a pattern that speaks to you and decorate the rest of the space with simple items in neutral colors to make the wallpaper its own statement.

Which of these celebrity bathrooms are your favorite? Do you agree with our top picks? Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

If you need any help remodeling your bathroom to create the space good enough to be on our top celebrity list, call your trusted AAA AUGER Plumber in Austin Texas.