Back Water Valve

A Back Water Valve is often confused with a Backflow Preventer. However similar in purpose, a Back Water Valve is used in sanitary sewer applications whereas a Backflow Preventer is used to protect potable water.

The Back Water Valve (BWV) is designed to prevent sewage from reversing its intended flow. BWV’s are most commonly found in lift station systems to prevent the backflow of sewage during mechanical failures. However, their use is becoming increasingly popular in new homes.

Imagine the sewer main backing up and causing hundreds of gallons of sewage to back up into your home. Unfortunately, this is not as uncommon as it may seem.

There are many types of BWV’s available. Some may require more maintenance than others. Regardless, all require periodic maintenance which has led their undesirability. That aside, many homeowners would have rather dealt with the maintenance of a BWV opposed to the catastrophe they sustained.

Photo Courtesy of Zurn

Photo Courtesy of Zurn