Community Service at it’s BEST!!!!

Hopes and prayers are answered, after months of heartache for an Alamo Heights High athlete and his family.  Eddie Moreno, 17, was paralyzed in a road rage shooting incident in March.  Volunteers are remodeling the home, with a complete overhaul to accommodate Eddie’s disability when he comes home from the hospital.

Kent Wahl, COO stated, “AAA AUGER  got involved with this very special project several months ago.  One of our plumbers ( Joe Martinez) came to me and asked if we would allow him to donate his time to help out Eddie and his family.  Joe along with Rudy , Jesse Ortiz, Ruben, Matt and Abraham all donated their time to make this dream home come true.  We pulled our first permit in July and the project was just finished yesterday and Eddie got to come home for the first time since the incident in March. Give all the credit to Joe for his hard work and dedication.  He never missed a beat and almost everyday after his scheduled shift with us and always on his days off he would go work on this project.  Joe did everything from the new sewer, water and gas lines.  From rough in to top out.  He set every fixture in the house. Needless to say that when I was there yesterday to get a tour of the house I was moved and totally impressed with the job we did.  I’m proud to say that we were part of this huge project.  In addition, just after the first news report several months ago where our efforts were showcased,  I was contacted by Ferguson Enterprises, Morrison, Moore Supply and National Wholesale and they all graciously donated all the plumbing parts material and fixtures.”

Please click on the story below and it will let you in on a small piece of how wonderful this was to be a part of.

You can search “Operation Bring Eddie Home” and view all the news coverage.

Thank You Joe and to all who helped make this happen.  Your reward was truly seen in Eddie’s face yesterday.




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