Customer Sent Heartfelt Holiday Note about our Houston Plumber

AUGER plumber houston testimonial

On Christmas Day, William woke up to get the house ready for the 15 or so guests arriving that evening. This was a great plan, until the main drain line quit working. With the cost of calling someone to come out on such a big holiday, William panicked, until he remembered that our AAA AUGER plumber Houston didn’t charge extra for coming out on holidays.

After a prompt response, our plumber Andy was on his way. William was astonished at how quickly they unclogged the line. Especially because it was on Christmas Day!

William described Andy and his team as “efficient, intelligent, courteous” and we agree. We take pride in being respectful to the homes we enter. This particular job being on a major holiday, we understand that promptness is of the utmost importance.

“Thank you again, I will certainly call you on my next plumbing event,” William said.

We hope he doesn’t have any more problems, especially during the holidays! However, we’re here any time day or night, 365 days a year, to help him and anyone else with a plumbing emergency. Call our AAA AUGER plumber Houston at 713.465.1777!

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