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If you suspect a leak, that’s a major emergency. Skip to the section below for the things you must do right away.
Symptoms of a leak include a rotten egg smell from an odorant added specifically to make leaks easier to detect. In extreme cases you might even hear a hissing. Many leaks occur outdoors from underground lines. Here you may only notice dead or discolored vegetation, but in some instances you might see bubbling in wet areas or even dirt blowing from the ground.

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A gas leak in the home or at your business in Austin is a serious matter and needs to be taken care of immediately.

We at AAA Auger Plumbing ® Services provide 24-hour emergency Austin gas repair service, and will be able to dispatch our experienced team without delay should you suspect a gas leak during any time of the day or night.

Whether your gas detector has just gone off or a funny smell emanating from your pipes or near an appliance has alerted you to the possibility of a gas leak, it’s important to give us at AAA Auger Plumbing ® Services a call as soon as possible, and no matter the time of day or night. It’s also important to get out of the home or property if you do suspect a gas leak. If a leak exists we will ensure the gas line is repaired expeditiously and affordably so you can quickly get back to normal.

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What steps to take if you suspect a gas leak:

  1. If you suspect a leak, immediately stop what you’re doing.
  2. Call your local gas/ electric utility company for an inspection and, if needed, shutting off your gas. In extreme cases they may advise you to also call the fire department. Whenever there’s a leak there’s also a major danger of fire, or even explosion, from even the tiniest of ignition sources. That includes sparks from static electricity that you don’t even feel.
  3. Don’t flip electric switches or unplug anything, even if the light or appliance is on.
  4. Don’t use a telephone, not even a cell phone, inside the affected building.
  5. Don’t start any vehicle, and of course no smoking or open flames.
  6. Don’t even shutoff the valve yourself — that can actually cause a spark.
  7. Do leave the area immediately. A gas leak can lead to asphyxiation and even death. Early symptoms include fatigue and chest pain.

Your local utility company will determine if there’s a leak, and may shut down the gas for you, but they can not make repairs. You should have an experienced expert locate the leak and make repairs.

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