Position: President, CEO & RMP
Branch: Corporate
Date Hired: 5/1/1999
License Number: RMP-37445, MRFPS, WSPS

Recruited by his father, David Cross began working with AAA AUGER Plumbing Services in May of 1999. After nearly a decade and a half in the automotive industry, David tested the waters to see how well he would fair in a new industry.

David entered AAA AUGER at a pivotal time. His father, Doug, the then principal of AAA AUGER, had opened in the DFW area just a year before. A year before that, Doug has acquired the Austin branch leaving Houston as the (then) only licensed AAA AUGER shop not under his control. The quick growth of AAA AUGER had its challenges. David was fortunate to work with an already devoted and forward thinking officer, Jim Reed.

Although David started as a Business Manager, it wasn’t long before his tenacity and ambition elevated him to lead the company. Together with Jim and the solid team of individuals already in place, AAA AUGER Plumbing Services would become a very solid and professional plumbing company.

When asked what David enjoys most about working for AAA AUGER, he replied, “Being in a position where I can assure that employees and customers are both appreciated and cared for fairly is an enormous privilege and responsibility. Unfortunately, we are often called to handle very stressful and unpleasant problems. Sometimes we catch people at their worst…the challenge is to bring them quality and safe repair service in the most expeditious manner and at the best price. When we fire on all cylinders and deliver premium service to our customers alleviating them of their headaches and relative worries, it is a feeling like none other.”

Aside from work, David has many passions. He enjoys physical activities to include dirt bike riding, motocross, mountain biking and martial arts. He is also very interested in music (he can fake people into believing he can play keyboards, piano, bass, drums and guitar – but those who know will tell you differently). His other interests include metal fabrication and mechanical restoration.

David is a proud Texas Mason and is very active in his Rotary Club, the Rotary Club of Dallas. He has served on the Club’s Board of Directors and as a trustee for the Dallas Rotary Club Foundation. He served as both the Senior Steward and the Chaplain for his Masonic Lodge.

David is happily married to his wife, Jennifer with whom he has two amazing daughters.