Emergency Plumbing Services Dallas Educate You on What to do During a Flood

Emergency plumbing services Dallas

It’s no secret that floods ruin your carpet, furniture, appliances and walls. They can cause mold, mildew, water stains, shorts in electrical systems, and make a house unlivable. In order to deal with such catastrophes, AAA AUGER Emergency plumbing services Dallas would like to share some advice with you on what to do should a plumbing flood happen in your home or office.

First, find the cause of the leak. This sounds easy, as water is usually shooting out of the leaky area, yet some leaks can be hard to find, especially if you arrive at the scene after the leak starts pooling. A leak can come from sinks, showers, toilets, water heaters and appliances. Some leaks can even be hidden behind walls or ceilings. Appliance malfunctions from dishwashers and refrigerators can cause flooding, as well as clogs in pipes.

Once you have located the location of the leak, turn the water off at it’s source. If you’re having trouble locating the source, turn off the water supply to the entire house until you can locate the leak. It’s important to know where all of your shut-off valves are located in your house.

Shut-off valve locations:

• The shut-off valve to the entire house is outside next to the water meter, or on the house side of the pressure tank if you use a well. Your water meter might be found near the street or in the backyard.
• Your water heater shut-off valve is on the cold water outlet connected to your hot water heater.
• The toilet shut-off valve is usually oval shaped and can be found under the toilet tank.
• The dishwasher shut-off is usually under the kitchen sink.
• The water supply to the laundry machine is found behind the appliance.
• Sink shut-offs are underneath the sink.

You may need to call AAA AUGER emergency plumbing services Dallas because homes differ in their placement of shut-off valves. Be sure to keep people and pets away from the flooded area. The water can carry disease as well as create a slipping hazard. Be very careful to stay away from electrical outlets and appliances. Never turn on wet electric appliances. If possible, try to remove as much water from the flooded area as you can.

Have you experienced any major leaks in your plumbing system?