Position: Tradesman Plumber
Branch: DFW
Date Hired: 03/23/2015
License Number: T-4450

Eric was born and raised in Dallas and worked for a landscaping company as well as a couple of other plumbing companies before finding a permanent home here at AAA AUGER Plumbing Services. Eric was one who always enjoyed working outside and became quickly fascinated with plumbing. Being a licensed repair plumber has afforded him incredible opportunities to combine his passion for customer service with his mechanical skills.

When asked what Eric enjoys about working at AAA AUGER, Eric said that it’a a combination of our “great customers, easy going and understanding co-workers and the benefits that the company provides all of their employees.”

When not at work, Eric enjoys working on his truck, spending time with friends and family, and watching sports.

We are very pleased to have Eric on our team. He has proven to be a great asset and has undoubtedly become one of “the Go-to-Guys!”