Position: Journeyman Plumber
Branch: San Antonio
Date Hired: 03/15/1977
License Number: J-32711

Eugene was introduced to plumbing in the late 1970’s through a Vocational Technical School Program allowing students to learn a trade while getting their High School Diploma. When he completed this course of study, he applied and was hired by AAA AUGER as an apprentice. Soon after, he was running calls as a Drain Tech.

Gene is a customer favorite and his calm demeanor is legendary. In his many years, Gene has seen customers experience some very nerve-racking challenges. Gene’s professional demeanor, empathetic approach and righteously earned confidence all contribute to Gene’s success.

Gene embraces the AAA AUGER Plumbing Services approach and system and always looks to present our valued customers with options when considering the different approaches for repair.

Gene is an avid Spurs and Cowboys fan. When he isn’t working, he enjoys fishing & bowling now and then.

Gene is yet another example of what makes AAA AUGER Plumbing Services, “the Go-to-Guys!”