Position: Tradesman Plumber
Branch: Dallas
Date Hired: 1/21/2009
License Number: T-4359

Eugene is a first generation plumber who started his plumbing career here at AAA AUGER in January of 2009 and has quickly become an integral part of our operations. He has worked his way up with great tenacity and unparalleled optimism. Eugene has the type of positive attitude that is infectious; brightening the day of everyone around him.

When asked what he enjoys most about his job Eugene was quick to respond, “the smiles”. He elaborated by noting that he loves knowing that he is able to fix a problem for someone and make their day a little bit better. Eugene takes his job personally; a customer’s problem is his problem and he will work diligently until the issue is resolved. Once a customer has had plumbing services by Eugene, they typically request him every time they call upon AAA AUGER. We even have new customers call to request Eugene based upon a friend or neighbor’s recommendation.

When Eugene is not working he enjoys doing landscaping on his yard, working on cars, and going to the movies with his wife. He is also an avid fisherman and will stop by a lake any chance he gets to drop a line;even if only for a few minutes. Eugene also jumps at any opportunity to help people in need. Whether it be changing a tire for a stranger on the side of the road or helping a neighbor out with yard work for no payment other than a smile, Eugene is always eager to lend a hand!

Eugene and his beautiful wife Benethia have been married since November 11, 2011 and are expecting their first child on November 15, 2013. They are both extremely excited for this amazing blessing and will be wonderful and doting parents!