Fort Worth TX Plumbers Reveal Top 3 DIY Plumbing Decor Projects

The “DIY” movement is alive and well and our plumbers in Fort Worth, TX have noticed more and more bloggers using plumbing supplies to create unique home decor. So, we decided to gather the top three ways to reuse old plumbing parts, save money and create a stunning piece to finish off any room: 

Fort Worth TX plumbers top diy plumbing projects


1. Pine and Plumbing Supply Shelving System

This simple plumbing shelf is so amazing that HGTV decided to make it an entire system. All you need is some galvanized piping, elbows and fittings to create these shelves. This system fits perfectly in a big entryway, dining room or in a kitchen to create even more storage. 

Fort Worth plumbers TX top diy plumbing

2. Industrial Pipe Table Base – If you’re looking to fill a space with a unique table, this is the project for you! Cafe Cartolina was even kind enough to include detailed plans to make this spectacular piece. Consider painting the wood to make it match your room, or use a fun piece of reclaimed wood to give it some character. 

Fort Worth TXplumber diy plumbing project

3. Updated Dresser with Plumbing Pipes – If you have leftover PVC pipe think about spicing up your old dresser! Simply cut thin circles of the PVC and attach them to the drawers. Vintage Revivals also added inexpensive trim to the edges to really complete the look. You can paint everything in the color of your choice to be more bold, or keep it neutral for a subdued look.

Do you have any custom pieces that utilize leftover plumbing pieces? We’d love to see them! Post the photo on our Facebook and we may feature your project.

Our Fort Worth, TX plumbers think these DIY plumbing projects are the perfect way to stay green by reusing old plumbing supplies. It’s also the best way to save money while adding a unique touch to your home.