Help! My water heater is flooding my house!

Whether equipped with a conventional or a tankless water heater, both are susceptible to structural failure and may result in property damage caused by flooding.

Modern plumbing codes have attempted to address some of these issues by requiring a drain pan beneath conventional water heaters. However, leaks on or at water heaters are often pressurized and tend to spray beyond the area of the drain pan.

Even worse, depending upon the location of the heater, these leaks can go undetected until severe property damage occurs.

The best defense for such problems is routine inspection and maintenance. However, when faced with a leaking or flooding water heater:

(1) Turn the water supply “off”.

It is imperative that the heater have a working shut off valve. Many years ago, the shut off valves installed on water heaters were typically of the gate valve style. These valves are still very common today. Unfortunately, these valves can be very problematic and often do not fully close (see gate valves for more information). AAA AUGER recommends that gate valves always be replaced with ball valves for residential water heater applications.

(2) Turn the power or gas “off” to the heater.

(3) If the leak is coming from the tank or if the heater is to be replaced, drain the water heater (follow steps 1-8 in the Water Flushing Procedure. Upon draining, close the drain valve on heater.

(4) Address leaks as necessary.

(5) Thoroughly remediate water spillages/floods.

(6) Purge/bleed water system. (Follow Steps 11 – 13 of the Water Heater Flushing Procedure)

(7) Restore power to heater.

Remember, AAA AUGER is available around the clock, every day to assist when needed. Also, AAA AUGER has teamed with several water extraction companies committed to service. It has become industry standard for water extraction companies to pay a referral fee to individuals or companies who make such referrals.

AAA AUGER DOES NOT ACCEPT KICK BACKS from vendors whom we recommend. Instead we demand that these vendors pass the savings to our customer.