Houston Plumber’s Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Spotless

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Ever notice that as soon as you do a deep bathroom clean, you have to do another? Consider keeping the clean you work so hard for! Follow these daily or weekly tasks that our plumber in Houston suggests to keep your bathroom looking spotless between deep-cleaning sessions.

Wipe Down – Take a few minutes to wipe down the sink, toilet and tub. This prevents soap scum and water spots from building up on each fixture. Make sure to also wipe door knobs, faucets and cabinet handles to keep the space looking like new.

Clean While You Use – If you get a little toothpaste on the sink, wipe it up before your done. A few untidy spots can quickly turn into a big mess, so cleaning as you go can greatly reduce the amount of elbow grease you have to exert later.

Shine is Key – We know from experience, that the shiny surfaces in your bathroom go the furthest in making your space look clean and tidy. Take a few minutes each week to wipe down mirrors and windows in your bathroom and you will be left with a truly spotless place.

Cleaners Can Help – If the label doesn’t warn against it, consider leaving the cleaning product on the fixture for a few hours. This allows the cleaner to seep into the mess and it will be easier for you to wipe it away.

Clean the Wastebasket– When you empty your trashcan, wipe down the outside of the bucket as well. Paying attention to this often ignored item in the bathroom also goes a long way to make the bathroom look cleaner.

Do More than Sweep – It’s a constant battle to keep floors looking clean, but add spot scrubbing to the list to keep the tough areas looking good between thorough cleanings. Research the best way to keep your type of floor clean, but if you have grout, focus on keeping that looking it’s best. The cleaner this detail appears, the cleaner your space will too!

Remember that every little bit helps. The more time you spend with the upkeep of your bathroom cleaning, the less effort you have to spend during your deep cleaning sessions.

Now that your bathroom is spotless, remember to contact the Go-To Guys at our plumber in Houston if you ever run into any pesky plumbing problems!


Photo credit: Flickr