Spring is almost here! That also means that it’s time to break out the mop, duster, vacuum and anything else that you use to deep clean your home. But don’t forget to include your plumbing in this yearly ritual as well! With all the cooking, cleaning and guests staying at your home during the holidays, many things can pose a threat to your drains. The AAA AUGER’s Tulsa plumbing’s spring cleaning service ensures that your drains are free of any buildup that could turn into a big clog later in the year.

Enjoy this pre-spring break special deal just for Tulsans! Print out the coupon below to get $25 off of a spring drain cleaning.

tulsa plumbing coupon

Remember that there is no extra charge for coming out on nights or weekends, so call your AAA AUGER Tulsa plumbing company today at 918.641.5551 to make drain cleaning part of your spring cleaning routine in 2013!