Clogged drains are frustrating. At first, you’ll notice a little bit of pooling before the water ultimately goes down the drain. But after a while, it begins to take even longer for the water to disappear. Before you know it, it seems like an eternity before the water flows down the drain. Whether it’s your kitchen drain, shower drain, or somewhere else in home, standing water will become a big problem. Plus, standing water is a favorite breeding ground for hazardous bacteria. Yes, drain clogs are not good and they need to be dealt with sooner rather than later. But what happens if nothing seems to work when trying to solve the problem?

Hydro jetting Can Help

There are some drain cleaning methods that are better and safer than others. Store-bought chemical cleaners might be a go-to strategy for many people, but these chemical cleaners oftentimes don’t fully remove the clogging agents. Plus, chemical cleaners can be hazardous to your health and harmful for your pipes. If you want a solution that will completely remove the drain clog culprits, leaving your plumbing clean and clear of problems, then look no further than hydro jetting.

Hydro jetting is simply a process where highly pressurized water is forced through the drain line, picking up and removing anything stuck in the line. Since the process only uses water, your pipes will be safe from harm. When compared to other drain cleaning solutions, hydro jetting is king. When done correctly by an experienced plumbing professional, any kind of clogging issue will be a thing of the past. For those who struggle with frequently recurring clogs, hydro jetting can be a godsend.

What Happens After Hydro Jetting?

Breathe a big sigh of relief. Your drain clog troubles are over. But that doesn’t mean big clog problems can’t return. It’s now time to focus on prevention so that drain clog problems won’t come back. Invest in drain strainers and stoppers. Be very careful about what goes down the drain. When it comes to your drain line and drain clogs, the best medicine is prevention.

Don't throw just anything down your drain

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