Position: Apprentice Plumber
Branch: Austin
Date Hired: 6/13/2014
License Number: A-97100

Ismael Guerrero Jr., known as Junior, was hired at AAA AUGER on June 13, 2014 as an apprentice. He moved from Mission, TX to become proficient in the plumbing industry.

When asked what he likes best about AAA AUGER, he responded, “I am learning a lot about plumbing and working toward receiving my license to be a plumber at AAA AUGER. The employees at AAA AUGER are awesome to work with and we are a great team. The plumbers work with me, patiently, teaching me the trade. I enjoy working here because every day is different. AAA AUGER is the place to be!”.

When Junior isn’t working, he enjoys fishing, hunting and long walks on the beach.

Junior is another example of what makes AAA AUGER the “Go-to-Guys!”