Position: Journeyman Plumber
Branch: San Antonio
Date Hired: 8/15/2001
License Number: J-34163

Jesse Ortiz has worked with AAA AUGER Plumbing Services since 2001. When Jesse was 16 years old, he started working summers with Ashley Plumbing fulfilling orders in their warehouse. In his senior year of high school, Jesse was in the work/study program with Ashley until his graduation when he started working full time. Jesse became knowledgeable in reading plans as he put together all the materials needed for each house and pursued his Journeyman’s license. It wasn’t long before Jesse started working in the field where he became one of the top plumbing installers for the company.

When Jesse first joined the AAA AUGER Team, he was not used to the plumbing repair and service part of the industry. It did not take him long; however, to learn the ropes and to become successful. His plumbing construction expertise of residential plumbing systems contributed greatly to his success. Jesse has also contributed greatly to many commercial projects to include a handful of car washes.

Recently, due to the huge demand from our Houston customers, plumbers from each shop were asked if they wanted to help build our Houston market. Jesse eagerly volunteered as he ran service calls and helped train some of the up and coming plumbers. As our COO, Mr. Wahl explains, Jesse had the “Run ‘til you’re done” attitude in knocking out the calls Houston was receiving. I know his efforts are greatly appreciated.

In his free time Jesse keeps busy traveling watching his daughter Jesse play softball tournaments around the state. He has three other daughters , Ashley, Kayla, and Samantha and one son James.

Jesse is yet another example of what makes AAA AUGER Plumbing Services great!