Position: Apprentice
Branch: Austin
Date Hired: 05/9/2017
License Number: A-120906

Juan Bernal has been working for us since May of 2017 as he sought a better opportunity and to be a part of the plumbing business. Previously, he worked for the City of Ft. Stockton Water Department. Juan enjoys the new education he is receiving and has taken well to his new family. Juan stated, “All of the plumbers here have a lot of knowledge and they do not hesitate helping, teaching and answering any questions I may have. All of the AAA AUGER employees have been very helpful in helping me learn everything here.”

When Juan isn’t working on his new career, he enjoys spending time with his famiiy and friends, watching sports, exercising and staying active.

We are excited about Juan’s future and believe he has what it takes to be among AAA AUGER’s best.