Position: Tradesman Plumber
Branch: San Antonio
Date Hired: 08/27/2013
License Number: T-5274

Mark Gonzales was born and raised in San Antonio and attended Kennedy High School. Mark had already found opportunity in the plumbing industry working as an apprentice and soon after learned about an opening with AAA AUGER Plumbing Services. Although new to the team, it didn’t take him long to garner positive attention and respect from his peers and superiors. Mark quickly became one of our most requested Apprentices by our plumbers when the jobs required hard work and technical aptitude. His interest in the plumbing trade was further enhanced by his desire to learn how to operate the excavating equipment, becoming one of San Antonio’s top excavators.

Mark’s hard work paid off and he recently obtained his Tradesman Plumbing License. To nobody’s surprise, he jumped into his new role with uninhibited enthusiasm. Mark’s success further strengthens AAA AUGER’s position that with hard work, a properly calibrated morale compass and a desire for success, one not need seek opportunities; opportunities find you. Mark is far from through on his professional journey as he sets his goals on becoming a Journeyman Plumber and then ascending to Master.

In his free time, Mark enjoys fishing and bowling with his seven year old son (Mark), as well as spending time with his family.

The world needs more young professionals like Mark. We take our plumbing for granted, but without men protecting our water resources and assuring sanitation, our society would deteriorate from disease.

Our hats off to you, Mark! We are thankful to have you!