Position: Business Manager
Branch: Austin
Date Hired: 08/29/2007
License Number:

Nick was born in Ft hood, Texas in 1975. When he was about 3 yrs old, his parents moved to San Antonio and he has been here ever since. Once finished with his basic academics, Nick dove head first into management of the fast food kingdom where he developed leadership and delegation skills. After about 5 yrs, Nick accidentally stumbled into a plumbing apprentice position with no intention of making it a career.

During his apprenticeship, Nick realized that he was passionate about plumbing and decided to pursue his license. He saw the potential that the industry offered and realized that when you put your customers first, the opportunities are endless.

After becoming licensed, Nick wanted to become more proficient in the trade and sought other opportunities with other plumbing companies. He gained invaluable experience in many of the different aspects of his trade, but felt that something was missing. He realized that he missed the family environment that AAA AUGER Plumbing Services provides and sought to rejoin the team.

After working in the field for a spell, Nick wanted to pursue a different role with AAA AUGER and accepted an office position as a Service Writer. He enjoyed assisting customers and understood the importance of making a positive first impression. Nick embraced the opportunity and was able to provide incredible customer service as he empathetically listened to our customer’s needs and provided them peace of mind showing that he would do everything within his power to get their issues resolved. Nick’s incredible communication, organizational and leadership skills propelled him to become one of our very best dispatchers.

In 2017, Nick accepted the role to lead the Austin shop as its new Business Manager.

Nick enjoys being a positive role model for his five beautiful children and believes that no matter what the obstacle is, always keeping your head up high and focusing on the positive will lead to the greater good.

We are very fortunate to have Nick on our team. He is another reason that we can confidently say that we are “the Go-to-Guys!”.