plumbers in San Antonio, how to replace aeratorAn aerator is a small part at the tip of the faucet. It may seem inconsequential, but this little piece plays a big role in maximizing your faucet’s efficiency. Whether you’ve taken advantage of the free aerator from the San Antonio Water System or you’ve bought a few low-flow options, see how to replace a faucet aerator with instructions from our plumbers in San Antonio!

First, take a crescent wrench and place it in the grooves on the side of the aerator. To prevent damage, twist until you’re able to unscrew it by hand.

Finish twisting off the aerator, then take a moment to check for debris. Run your finger up the faucet to scrape out any waste or buildup. Make sure to check the old aerator’s washer as well.

If the old aerator is enclosed in a housing from the faucet and you’d like to reuse this housing, simply pop it out. Then, slide the new aerator in the housing followed by the washer and begin to screw it back into the faucet by hand.

If there is water dripping, use the crescent wrench to tighten the piece a bit more. Take care not to tighten the aerator too much, as the force will strip the threading and could result in a mandatory replacement.

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Photo credit: Jeremy