Position: Tradesman Plumber
Branch: Ft. Worth
Date Hired: 9/25/2014
License Number: T-6153

Randy, better known as RJ, initially came to work for AAA AUGER in September of 2014 as an apprentice.  Prior to getting into the plumbing trade he had worked as a roofer and an auto mechanic.  RJ adapted well to our trade and rapidly became our most requested apprentices by our plumbers.
In late 2015, RJ sustained a significant hand injury while engaging in an extreme sporting event. Not being able to work for an extended period of time gave him ample time to reflect about his future. RJ chose to test the waters with another plumbing company and was successful completing his apprenticeship which led him to becoming a licensed plumber. Things were going well for RJ’s career but he felt something was not right.
In April of 2018, RJ returned home and joined his family at AAA AUGER. RJ’s strong work ethic and outgoing personality have helped him become one of our shops most consistent and dependable plumbers.
Away from work, RJ enjoys skateboarding, listening to music, working on cars and is an avid reader of comic books.
RJ says that what he enjoys most about working at AAA AUGER is the fun and friendly people that he gets to work with.
We are extremely proud of RJ and consider ourselves fortunate to have him on our team. Randy “RJ” Hoosier is yet another example of what makes AAA AUGER the “Go-to-Guys!”