Safe Water Pressure Levels in Your Home

Safe Water Pressure Levels aaa auger

Alarm systems, door locks, cameras; all of these devices work together to keep your home safe. One thing that is equally important is maintaining water pressure. Learn the risks of not maintaining safe water pressure levels and what to do if your pressure is above the limit.

According to the most current plumbing code, the maximum pressure at which a potable water system can safely operate is 80 psi. There are certain hazards that can result from your home’s water pressure being over this limit.

Problems Caused by High Water Pressure

– Supply lines and faucet seal ruptures
– Water heater tank bursts

Common Cause

– A pump from the municipal water source is upgraded, usually due to increases in water demand.

How to Prevent

On the community level, districts with room to grow generally build more water towers to reduce this added pressure.

In your home, if a higher pressure is discovered, we recommend installing a Pressure Reducing Valve (P.R.V.) or similar mechanical regulator. This device will ensure that the water pressure will never exceed the limit. One problem with these valves is that they can affect the performance of irrigation systems. To prevent this, your plumber should install the valve after the irrigation system’s tie into the water supply.

If you are having trouble determining if your home has a safe water pressure level, contact AAA AUGER today! Our service technicians are trained to provide water pressure tests to every home free of charge.


Photo Credit: Flickr