water heater San Antonio

Having a water heater in San Antonio is a must! Although it doesn’t get too cold in Central Texas, who doesn’t like having a warm shower on a cool fall morning? If your water isn’t heating up properly, the problem may be the pressure release valve.

First, what is a pressure release valve? This little device is necessary because as the water heats up, pressure rises within the tank. The valve acts as a safety device, releasing pressure in the tank to prevent it from reaching a dangerous level. If the pressure becomes too high, there is a major risk that your water heater could begin spraying hot water or explode, causing major damage and possibly injury.

Water Heater manufacturers recommend replacement of the pressure release valve every three years. Today, most valves are a combination Temperature and Pressure Valve. If you’re having problems with this device, you may need to test it. If it needs to be replaced, a new Temperature and Release Valve costs approximately $20, which we believe is a small price to pay for peace of mind and hot water!

If you run into any problems when checking the pressure release valve on your water heater in San Antonio, make sure to contact a AAA AUGER technician today! 

Photo Credit: Flickr