In the late 1970’s, most recognized plumbing codes mandated that all sanitary sewer systems be installed with two directional clean outs (double sweep). Clean-outs that have been properly installed use a transitional combination fitting that will allow the entry of a cutter blade with the same diameter as the drain line itself. With the correct cutter blade, the interior wall of the drain line can be completely scraped and cleaned as years of sewage, mineral, and soap binder deposits are removed. Once the line is cleaned, the line has optimal drainage potential.

AAA AUGER guarantees, for a time certain, the cleaning and clearing of all sanitary sewer lines that are free of defects.

Many sanitary sewer systems built prior to 1979 were not equipped with clean-outs. Without a ground level access, the approach to drainage problems differs substantially and is usually less effective. Drain lines without clean-outs are usually accessed through the drain vent on the roof. Aside from the obvious safety hazards this access imposes, the value of the job should be considered. An average vent stack on a single story home prior to 1979 measures approximately 14′. When the vent is accessed, a minimum of 14′ of cable is lost before the cable can even enter the actual drain. Many vents contain an offset that creates additional curves in the vent that make the access to the drain difficult and sometimes impassable with cutter heads. When a cutter head cannot be used on the end of the cable, the drain cannot be properly cleaned. Most buildings do not provide access to the roof, therefore a ladder must be used. Because safety is our number one focus and federal regulations have become stricter, the costs incurred to provide this type of service have increased significantly. When the charges for clean-out installation are weighed against the charges for a vent service, it becomes easy to see both the immediate and long term value by installing the clean-outs.

When clean-outs are installed, the sewer line can be augered in both directions to restore optimal drainage.

sewer cleanout

The picture above demonstrates cleanouts installed to an existing cast iron sewer line.