AAA AUGER believes in offering our customers the most viable repair options together with sound advice.

With regard to potable water slab leaks, AAA AUGER recommends rerouting the leaking line rather than attempting to repair it. Assuming code was followed correctly, it is probable the leak has been caused by one of the following :

  1. Friction; poor bedding or protection against friction
  2. Poor Workmanship
  3. Dissimilar Metal Corrosion (Electrolysis)
  4. Corrosion Erosion
  5. Binding (due to ground movement)

Because equipment necessary to see through concrete is not readily available, it is impossible to predetermine the cause of the leak. Unfortunately, any of the above listed causes usually affect the entire line. Therefore, when confronted with an initial leak, other leaks usually follow. For this reason and because of the costs associated with such a repair, several things should be considered.


If a long term solution is desired, AAA AUGER recommends eliminating the defective line rather than repairing it. This is accomplished by retiring the defective line and routing a new one above the foundation. Although routing the line overhead is most common, other options may be available.

Slab Penetration

Many customers choose to repair the line rather than rerouting it. To reroute a water line, walls must be accessed. This requires services not offered by AAA AUGER (drywall repair, paint, wall paper, etc.). Furthermore, reroutes tend to require more time. However, there are some risks associated with slab penetrations.

Structural members, refrigerant lines, electrical lines or other utilities may be damaged when penetrating a slab. Repair to any of these lines may be very expensive. Although AAA AUGER will use caution when penetrating the foundation, AAA AUGER will not be responsible for any repair costs associated with damages to the abovementioned lines or structural members. Furthermore, many engineers agree that foundations should only be penetrated as a last resort.

Problematic to spot repair is the higher probability for error when attempting to pinpoint the leak. Although, AAA AUGER uses state of the art electronic leak detection equipment, there are some factors that can cause inaccurate readings. Occasionally, water lines are installed in conduits. Water leaks can create voids or caverns. These are just a couple of scenarios that may result in misdiagnosis. When performing a leak isolation and pinpoint test, that point is marked where the reading is strongest.

When the foundation is accessed and a water-tight repair achieved, concrete will be pack-poured up to 1/4″ of grade. This will allow for future floating to assure a level surface. If desired, a rough finish can be provided flush with the slab; however, AAA AUGER does not guarantee the grade.

AAA AUGER guarantees a slab leak spot repair for 365 days. Our warranty is limited to the actual repair joint itself. Our warranty does not cover any water damage or charges beyond our back pour of the concrete.


Most plumbers prefer providing a spot repair over rerouting. Spot repairs tend to be more profitable than reroutes due to material costs. However, when considering the costs for either service, reroutes are often the better value and certainly the best long term solution.