ways to reuse towels

Your local Tulsa plumbing company realizes that because there is only one earth, it’s our job to help protect it by recycling and reusing. We’ve compiled a list of ways that you can reuse your family’s bath towels that pile up. Keep your bathroom tidy and help the environment by turning your old, unwanted towels into one of these great creations:

  1. Ironing Board Cover – Tired of looking at your ratty ironing board cover? Clever blogger, Carolyn Keene, found a way to upcycle her ironing board into a DIY work of art. Simply use your existing ironing board cover as a guide to cut out your new eco-friendly one!
  2. Eco-Friendly Bath Rug –Turn the towels that once dried you off into a comfortable bath mat to keep your feet warm. Give something back to Mother Earth by using this eco-friendly craft to make a luxurious rug to invigorate your bathroom.
  3. Beach Blanket– It’s the middle of winter, but the mild temperatures across the southern United States this year have made it harder than usual to stop thinking about the beach! Take the edge off of winter and make a beautiful beach blanket that will be ready for June. All you need are two to four towels to complete this unique item.
  4. Bath Pouf – Just because you have some towels that look like they’ve been through the ringer, doesn’t mean that they can’t still help you with your daily routine. Take a tip from Ruffles and Stuff and turn an old towel into a shower pouf!
  5. Donate to an Animal Shelter – You don’t have to make something either! There are some animals in your area that could use them just the way they are. HIP for Pets, a non-profit company, makes donating any old item a breeze. Just fill in which type of item you would like to donate, then enter your zip code to find the nearest shelter in your area.

Remember, saving a few old towels in the bathroom can also be beneficial when there is a plumbing emergency. If you find that you need to use these towels too often, the AAA AUGER Tulsa plumbing team to come out and take care of the problem so you can breathe new life into those towels!

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