Winter Water Heater Maintenance Tips from Dallas Emergency Plumbing

Water Heater Maintenace Tips from Dallas Emergency Plumbing

The best part of a cold winter morning is waking up to take a steaming-hot shower. However, without properly maintaining your water heater a hot shower can be far from your reach! Avoid taking cold baths and keep your water running hot with these Dallas Emergency plumbing tips.

Use heat tape– If there is a heating problem in your home, it may lie in the pipes that connect to your water heater. Protect these pipes by wrapping them with heat tape or insulation!

Check the temperature- This may reveal problems with your heater before they get too severe! We recommend setting your heater’s temperature between 115 to 120 degrees to prevent the tank from overheating while reducing energy usage.

Perform a flush-  A water heater flush helps drain and remove buildup in your heater that may cause corrosion and rust. To perform a flush, you’ll need just a few items to make your water heater work like new again.

This winter stay warm by properly maintaining your water heater. For any water heater problems, call your local Dallas Emergency plumbing services at 972.222.2843 to let us help you!


Image source: Flickr