Our Expert Plumbers Explain the Value of a Sewer Clean Out

December 20, 2015

There are few household plumbing issues more annoying than when your sewer drains are clogged. You may start to notice water is backing up into your sinks and toilets or realize there’s drainage around your outdoor plumbing lines.

All of these are symptoms of your sewer drains being clogged. The water in your sewer has no place to go, so it backs up into your home and around it. Roots lead to many sewer blockages, but the buildup of sewage or mineral deposits could also be the cause.

The best way to get rid of these clogs is a sewer auger. When our expert plumbers use a sewer auger, they send a cable with a specially designed head into the pipe to clear the block. Once the block is clear, they like to attack the pipe from every angle possible to guarantee the pipe will drain as well as possible. One of the ways they’re able to do that is by going through the “clean out.”

What is a sewer clean out?

A sewer clean out is a capped pipe, which provides an additional access point to the sewer line. If your sewer already has a clean out, great! That means that our emergency plumbers can gain quick access to the blockage and the chances of you having an overflow on your hands have decreased.

However, many homes built before 1979 don’t have a clean out. If one of our technicians notices you don’t have one, they may suggest installing a sewer clean out.

While a clean-out installation is little on the pricey side, it’s extremely worth it. The long-term benefits greatly outweigh the immediate cost.

Whether you want to be proactive and get a clean out installed or you waited too long and now you need help with a sewer clog, don’t hesitate to call! Schedule an appointment with our sewer clog experts, and we’ll get you all fixed up.