Summer should be a time for relaxation. A time for rejuvenation. A time for when you can let your hair down and enjoy the sun and fun with your loved ones. What you don’t want during the summertime is a serious plumbing problem that’s costly to fix. So, here are some simple things you can do this summer and also year-round so you can get more out of the season and stress much less.

Check your sprinkler system.

The summertime brings out the sprinklers, but leaks in sprinklers can be fairly common. Leaks mean wasted water, and wasted water means wasted money. If your sprinkler hose is leaking or there’s a problem with your sprinkler head, then take the necessary steps to fix the problem. You’ll save more money in the end and your grass will thank you.

Take it easy on throwing barbecue leftovers down the drain.

Summertime and barbecues go together like peas and carrots. Whether you plan to have small barbecues just for your family and friends or you’re known as the local barbecue master and are planning to hold large, raucous backyard barbecue parties, it’s important to remember to take it easy on throwing barbecue party leftovers down the drain, even if you have a garbage disposal. You really don’t want to deal with food-caused drain clogs this summer. A good rule of thumb is to simply throw all leftovers including grease into the garbage. If you must use your drain, then make sure you have a good drain strainer to catch any larger food pieces which could contribute to a clog.

Keep an eye out for plumbing leaks.

Plumbing leaks that were caused during the winter might stay somewhat hidden to the untrained eye. If you’ve been too busy or simply don’t pay much attention to small details around the home, then now is the right time to take a closer look. Catching plumbing leaks now will save you later as leaks will get worse over time. So, keep an eye out for any strange moisture or wet spots popping up inside of the home or perhaps out in the yard, and call a good plumber the moment you discover signs of a possible leak.

Leaving for a long vacation? Make sure your plumbing is in good shape.

If you plan to take off to an exotic location somewhere far away or perhaps just to a nearby town to visit a relative, make sure your plumbing is in good shape before you leave. The last thing you want is to return from your vacation and discover a massive plumbing problem. If you didn’t discover any signs of plumbing leaks, then it’s a good idea to call for professional leak detection just in case. Your plumber can tell you if there is anything in your plumbing that needs to be fixed. If you want to enjoy complete peace of mind, then seek professional preventative plumbing maintenance service. After professional maintenance, you can feel completely at ease all throughout your vacation and after you return home.

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