The ABCs of Emergency Plumbing Dallas, Texas Part 2



Ready for more frequently used plumbing words? Here are the key terms from the second half of the alphabet that are most commonly used in the plumbing world

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• Orangeburg Pipe: Another name for the Bituminized Fiber Pipe.

• Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe (PVC): PVC pipe is the most widely used material for sewer lines, mainly because it is lightweight and very easy to use.
• Potable: Potable water is water that is safe for human consumption.
• Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV): This device should be installed whenever pressures are over 80 psi. This valve works to insure that water pressure stays at a safe limit.

• Quarter Turn Stop: A quarter turn is all that is required to shut off the water with a ball valve stop.

• Reduced Pressure Zone Valve (RPZ Valve): These are most commonly used in fountain drink machines and function as a backflow preventer.

•  Sewer Clean Out: Routine sewer clean out is key in preventing the need for emergency plumbing Dallas, Texas.
• Sump Pump: Used most commonly in lift stations to pump water, sewage or waste water from the sump to a higher elevation.

• Temperature & Pressure Valve (T & P): The T & P is the primary safety apparatus in water heaters. They are designed to release built up pressure to prevent water heater explosions which would most certainly lead to a need for emergency plumbing Dallas, Texas.
• Thermal Expansion: When heated to a higher temperature, water expands which in turn increases the water’s volume. Thermal expansion leads to increased water pressure and is one of the most common causes of emergency plumbing Dallas, Texas.

• Underneath sinks can easily get cluttered so make sure that nothing is putting pressure on the exposed pipes.

• Vacuum Breaker: Vacuum breakers come in multiple shapes and sizes and are most commonly seen on outdoor faucets. Simply put, they ensure that water cannot flow backward into the system.
• Video Inspection: When faced with problems that call for emergency plumbing Dallas, Texas, AAA AUGER uses state of the art video inspection equipment to locate and pinpoint the cause of the emergency.

• Water Closet: The technical, plumbing term for a toilet.
• Water Pressure: Water pressure can be created artificially with pumps.
• Water Jetting: A technique used to deep clean sewer and drain lines.
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